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Dog Bites and Damages in Personal Injury

Dog Bites and Damages in Personal Injury

Dog Bites and Damages

When I first started practicing law I thought that in order to make money on a personal injury case there had to be a huge amount in medical bills. Since I started practicing laws have changed making the amount of the bills irrelevant to the outcome. In fact, it often doesn't matter how big the bills are. What matters is how much was actually paid out for the medical services. Thus, if someone goes to the hospital from a serious injury and they come out with a bill for $50,000, a jury many never know this. The jury may only bet told that the plaintiff's insurance company paid the hospital $10,000 for the medical services.

This could be devastating to a settlement or verdict. But, this is the reality that lawyers like me need to be equipped to deal with. And deal with it we do. This is one of the reasons I like dog bit cases. Getting bit by a dog is often a very traumatic experience. It is painful, it is scary and can leave long lasting physical and mental scars. Dog bites or dog attacks, as they should really be described are shocking experiences that cause people to undergo extensive medical treatment both for the bites and the potential infection that could follow. Attacks can give rise to persistent fears and even post traumatic stress disorder. After a dog attack, it is often a good idea to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to address such issues. In some case, continued therapy is needed.

Dog bite cases are some of the few injury cases where the results are not necessarily dictated by the amount of medical bills. In today's climate, insurance companies are trying hard to hammer injury lawyers with low settlement offers. Insurance adjusters know that doctor bills are often settled for cents on the dollar. They know that many lawyers are not willing to take small cases to trial due the time and expense of litigation. Dog bites are different. Everyone who has been bit knows how painful it is. Everyone who has been treated for post-bite infection knows how painful it is. Medical bills are not needed to tell the painful story of being attacked by a dog. Another big factor in injury cases is the existence of a permanent injury. Many dog bites leave scars. Scars have significant value in injury cases. Even more so when women are the victims.

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