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It's Car Accident Weather

It's Car Accident Weather

Car Accident Weather

In case you haven't noticed, this has been the rainiest winter in over a decade here in Southern California. Streets have been flooded, hills have been sliding, trees have been falling and lakes, ponds, streams and other manmade devices have been full of water. This is car accident weather if I've ever seen it.

Slow down, turn your headlights and be safe. Many accidents occur when drivers don't plan for the unplanned, like a tree in the road. Just yesterday, on my way home from the office I saw three trees down in the roadway. I pulled off the freeway and took side streets home because of the heavy rain. While driving a wide and well lit road, I suddenly looked ahead and noticed my lane disappear in front of me. The sidewalk also was gone. The street was flooded by what appeared to be over 3 feet of standing water.

Fortunately I was driving about 35 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. I was able to slow in time to avoid the flooded roadway and drive around the small lake. The car next to me was not so lucky. He sped past me and spun out after hydroplaning in the water. Luckily, he was uninjured and didn't hit any other cars (including mine) in the spin.

The moral to the story is that weather like this can wreak havoc on the roads and freeways. We need to allow more time to get where we are going. Leave more space between your car and the car behind you. Avoid the fast lane on the freeways and roadways which tends to be flooded more often than the center lanes. Give merging traffic a wide birth. Signal all turning movements. Look out for hazards in the roads like broken traffic lights. Most of all please be patient. Remember, you will get where you are going, it just might take a little longer in this weather.

If you are involved in an accident, pull to the side of the road before you step out of your car. Never stand in the roadway to exchange information. Never stand between two cars on the roadway, stand to the side of the vehicles, away from traffic. Better yet, pull off the highway and find a safe place to park to view any damage or exchange information. Be careful out there.

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