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Negotiating Medical Liens to get More Money for the Client

Negotiating Medical Liens to get More Money for the Client

Negotiating Medical Liens to get More Money for the Client

Clients always ask if it's worth it to hire a lawyer for their personal injury case. My answer is always the same. I make my living getting better results than the unrepresented person. Not only do I negotiate better settlements for my clients than they can do themselves, I also negotiate the medical liens down so my clients walk away with more money; usually a lot more.

What are medical liens?

When doctors treat personal injury clients after an accident, they often do this on what we call, "a lien basis". This means that they provide services now but get paid later, normally out of the proceeds of the settlement.

Alternatively, if doctors provide treatment that is paid by medical or auto insurance coverage, the insurance company is usually still entitled to be paid back if the patient/client gets a recovery from a third party. Likewise, if someone is so badly injured that they have to be taken by ambulance to an emergency room and treated there, they may end up with thousand in unpaid medical bills.

All of these bills become my problem when I take on a case. It's part of my job to contact all medical providers after an accident and make sure each one gets paid out of the settlement proceeds. The question is how much they get paid. Remember that my job is to make money for my clients. The less I pay out in medical bills, the more my clients get to keep.

Typically, insurance companies reduce their medical payment bills by one third. They consider this the cost of collecting their money without having to pay someone to help them get it back. For clients, this type of result means that the client's medical bills get paid in full for at least a third less than what was billed. The rest goes into the client's pocket.

If a client gets medical treatment from a doctor or therapist with whom I have a working relationship, the reduction of the bill is often larger than one third. This means that after the bills are paid off, an even greater amount of the recovery goes right into my client's pocket. Please understand that this doesn't mean that I make more money just because I have to do more work or because I actually make more money for my client. This is simply a benefit to the client based upon my doing the job right.

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