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Don't Wait to get Medical Treatment or Call a Lawyer

Don't Wait to get Medical Treatment or Call a Lawyer

Don't wait to get Medical Treatment or Call a Lawyer

One of the ladies that used to work in my suite just called the office. She was in a car accident two weeks ago and chose not to get any medical immediate treatment. She is 19 weeks pregnant and has a toddler at home. She works full time, as does her husband. She didn't want to miss any work and is obviously busy taking care of things at home. Her car was totaled in the accident and now the other party's insurance company is trying to lowball her on the value of her car. So she calls me today and asks what can be done. My answer, "Not"

She is hurting from the accident but didn't want to take the time from work or family to go see a doctor in the last two weeks. She can't afford to buy a new car, but her rental car was cut off as soon as the other side made an offer for settlement on her car.

Now she is hoping to bootstrap a late started personal injury claim into a larger overall settlement. Unfortunately, that's just not the way things work. If you are injured after an accident, go see a doctor. Once you visit a doctor you can decide with your doctor if you think you need additional therapy or medical treatment to address your condition. It's important to say that this should be done as early as practical. Even if you don't have insurance to cover the medical treatment, you can pay out of pocket for medical services or I can almost always refer you to a doctor who will work on a lien basis. This means that you get your medical treatment now and pay for it later, normally bill will be paid out of the proceeds of a bodily injury settlement.

Finally, I always say that if you are hurting, go see a doctor. But, if you have a question about your rights; about what to do after an accident; about where to get medical treatment in your area, that's when you should call me. And please, don't wait 2 weeks until you call.

If you have questions about an accident which was not your fault or any other injury you or a loved one sustained, call me immediately:

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