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Avoiding DUI Accidents

Avoiding DUI Accidents

Avoiding DUI Accidents

The best way to avoid a DUI accident is to avoid the accident in the first place. When I was growing up, my parents used to have fairly strict rules about where I went late at night. They wanted me home by a set time, but more than that, they wouldn't even let me go out if I wasn't able to tell them where I was going. It took me a little while to realize that this was for my own good. Now I understand, we really have little business being out on the streets at 2 a.m. Little good happens out at that time of the morning. So what's my point?

The best way to avoid getting into an accident with a drunk driver (or causing an accident) is to avoid the accident in the first place. Stay home, drink at home, party at a friend's house and spend the night, rent a hotel room for the night…just don't drive. By avoiding driving the roads late at night, we can actually decrease our statistical odds of getting into an alcohol related accident. By not driving after we have been drinking, we can do the same, and maybe even keep ourselves out of prison.

Next, if you do find yourself out driving late at night, have a destination. Have a starting point and a finish line. Don't just be out driving around with no purpose. When you get into a car, put on a seat belt. I have had two clients come in in the last month regarding accidents where they were not wearing a seat belt. One was in a roll over collision and the other was thrown from the windshield of the car. Both hospitalizations would have likely been avoided by the use of seatbelts. I find it difficult to believe that any fails to wear a seatbelt anymore, but it still happens. Seat belts aren't perfect, but they almost always help avoid major injuries in a collision.

Make sure all your passengers are belted in. If you are the designated driver, make sure your HBD passenger is buckled up. Drive straight home. Don't stop at Denny's or Tommy's or any other place. You have eggs at home, and they are free. If you really need breakfast, be a sport and treat your friends to eggs at your place. They are likely to be cheaper, better and more importantly, safer.

Don't let your friends drive drunk. You often know when your friends have been drinking. Don't let them drive if they have been drinking. Give them a ride, call them an Uber, or invite them over for breakfast. Just don't let them drive.

If you are hosting a party, don't let your friends drive home if they've been drinking. Let them crash on a couch, call them an Uber or make 'em breakfast. Just don't let them drive home.

Accidents happen. Regrettably, many of them are avoidable. Avoid the accidents you can avoid, and minimize the damage in the accidents you can't avoid.

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