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Injured Without Medical Insurance, What to do?

Injured Without Medical Insurance, What to do?

Injured Without Medical Insurance, What to do?

A common concern among my new clients is that they don't have medical insurance and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for expensive medical treatment and therapy. The good news, I tell them is that they don't have to. All they have to do is call me and we can almost always find doctors and therapists who work now and get paid later. This is what we call working on a "lien" basis. Normally when someone goes to the doctor they either provide the doctor with the patient's health insurance information and the doctor's office will bill the insurance company for the charges. The patient may have to pay some "co-pay" according to their personal plan. If the client does not have medical insurance, they should plan on paying in cash as they are leaving the doctor's office.

Not having medical insurance and scared of getting stuck with a hefty medical bill, client's often forego medical treatment for their injuries. This can totally ruin their changes as collecting money in a personal injury case.

If you call me, I can almost always find a doctor in my network of professionals who will agree to render treatment now in exchange for a promise to pay later. How does this work? The doctors and therapists that I use come to trust me over time. They know that if I am willing to undertake the risk of certain type of case the client is likely to recover monetary. I have a pretty good idea from the start which cases will work out well for my clients and which won't. The doctors are then inclined to take my recommendation to provide medical treatment now and get paid later. The doctors also know that once the case is settled I will be the one calling them to pay their bills. Thus, they won't have to chase their money, bill any insurance companies or worry about an insurance company trying to pay them 20 cents on the dollar for their time.

So, get to the doctor as soon as you can after an accident. If you don't have medical insurance or can't afford to pay out of pocket, call me and I will make you a doctor's appointment with a qualified medical professional who can give you the medical treatment you need right away. The bills will get paid later. We work with a network of doctors, therapists, and many others in the medical field. We can set you up with medical appointments, therapy, x-rays, MRI's and even surgeries on a lien basis. Don't wait and see if your pain goes away. Call a professional now.

If you or someone close to you has beeninjured in an accident and you have questions about getting immediate medical attention, and getting compensated for you pain, suffering, missed work and medical bills, call me:

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