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Police Officers Should Not Shoot Unarmed Men

Police Officers Should Not Shoot Unarmed Men

Police Officers Shouldn't Shoot Unarmed Men

A Hispanic man in the Los Feliz district is in critical condition after being shot by Los Angeles Police department officers. ABC news reported that the man was trying to flag down approaching officers and that officers indeed stopped upon being hailed by the 40 year old man who had his arm wrapped in a towel.

The report goes on to indicate that officers ordered the man to drop a weapon and then opened fire on the subject. No weapon was located and LAPD is conducting an investigation regarding the justification for shooting what appears to be an unarmed man.

The shooting was around 2 a.m. this morning in the area of Griffith Park Boulevard and Hillhurst Avenue. No updates have been given about the man's name or condition in the hospital. To the man who was shot I wish a speedy recovery. To his family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

This type of shooting seems to be more and more common of late. What are we to do about it? How can we prevent police officers from shooting unarmed people? I think the answers involve more and better training and new and better policies about use of firearms by officers.

So how do we get this accomplished? I regret that one of the few ways to get changes employed is by forcing departments like the Los Angeles Police Department to comply with our desires for new and better policies. The way to force such action is by getting involved in politics or through other legal means. We can attend public forums and we can write letters and make calls to our local politicians.

In my case, I file lawsuits in order to try to do two things: First, a law suit can help to compensate someone for their loss. It can get a victim of police abuse money for medical bills and for pain and suffering. Also, it can help send a message to wrongdoers and punish them for their conduct. In lawsuits for civil wrongs we often ask for three different types of damages. This is to say that we ask to be paid back for three different reasons. First we ask for our actual expenses like hospital bills or lost income. Next we ask to be paid for our pain and suffering. Finally, and often most importantly, we ask for money to punish the people who did wrong. This amount is often the largest part of the recovery. If we want to send a message to a large city or police department we need to hit them harm in order for them to feel it.

In this case, the fact that someone has been shot will mean he will have hospital bills and maybe future medical bills for therapy or other things. They might miss work or lose a job and they need to be paid back for that. Finally, we ask for money to actually punish people who broke the law or violated set policies for police officers. And we ask for this money from several different groups of people, the actual wrongdoers themselves, their agencies and even the cities that employ them.

If you or someone you love has been abused by a police department you don't have to call a lawyer…but you should. There are special rules for filing legal claims against cities and counties and states. Call a lawyer who can properly advise you about these rules. Call before it's too late. Call us today, it's a free call. The consultation is free and confidential. The lawyers are experienced professionals.

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