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What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A tragedy occurs and you lose a loved one. What to do now? You may have to deal with a funeral, bills, more bills, sudden loss of income and, did I mention bills? You may feel like you don't have time to meet with lawyers. You have a mortgage or rent to pay. You have car payments to make and groceries to buy.

But what if the death of a loved one was actually the fault of another person? Was the untimely death of you family member caused by a work injury or the negligent act of another person? Are you dependent upon the loved one? Did you rely on mom or dad or grandpa or grandma for food or shelter or monetary support?

You may be entitled to a significant monetary recovery. This means money for you because of your loss. You could be entitled to funeral costs, loss of support, and other monetary compensation. You should call a lawyer about your situation before you put yourself in further debt and before you lose any more sleep about what to do now.

If the death was the cause of a work related injury you may be entitled to recover money even if the person who caused the death was uninsured. Did you know that there is a State Fund to compensate injured workers when an employer or a wrongdoer were uninsured? I do, and I know how to get money from the State Fund or the State Victim's Restitution Fund or the defendant in a criminal case even when there is no policy of insurance covering the loss.

Did you know that if a wrongdoer was working at the time of an injury, the worker's employer may be liable for the damages his worker caused? That's right, even if the worker didn't have insurance. Even if the decedent didn't have insurance.

If a loved one is lost in anauto accident, even if the driver of the car didn't have insurance, there may be some other policy of insurance to cover this loss. Ask your lawyer aboutuninsured motorist coverage. Ask about underinsured motorist coverage. Ask about homeowner's coverage. It is possible that one of these policies may cover a loss even when the driver of a car has no license or insurance of his or her own.

Unlike a basic personal injury claim, a wrongful death claim belongs to the surviving family and dependants of the decedent. This claim survives the loss of the family member and should be pursued by those family members who depended upon their loved one.

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