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What's the First Thing You Do When Injured in a Train Accident?

What's the First Thing You Do When Injured in a Train Accident?

What's the First Thing You Do When You (or a loved one) are Injured in a Train Accident?

Do you:

  • Call a lawyer?
  • Call the police?
  • Go have a stiff drink?
  • Get medical treatment?

The answer of court is choice "D", get medical treatment. I am still puzzled when people call me to tell me that they were just injured in an accident. My belief (and the belief of most insurance adjusters) is that if someone is seriously injured, their first call is not going to be to a lawyer. Rather it would be to 911 or to a doctor for medical treatment. All injury cases are best served by having medical treatment close in time to the time of the injury. Getting necessary and prompt medical treatment ensures not just better rehabilitation after an accident but also better settlements with insurance companies or other wrongdoers.

After the injured party is initially treated and stabilized, then maybe it is time to contact a lawyer. The lawyer can often help defer payment of medical bills, facilitate additional medical treatment or therapy and negotiate a settlement with responsible parties. Just remember not to talk to anybody else about the accident before talking to your lawyer. If an insurance adjuster tries to visit you at your hospital bed, please send them away. If they try to call you at home, take a message and let your lawyer get back to them later. Remember, they have an agenda, and it does not include helping you. Insurance companies make money by taking premium payments, not by paying out on claims.

How Do You Find a Lawyer to Handle Your Injury Case?

Do you:

  • Call a number on the back of a bus or bus bench?
  • Call a number you find in the Yellow Pages?
  • Call a number you find on the internet?
  • Call someone you know or have used in the past?

Again the answer is choice "D". In order in insure that you find a lawyer who is highly competent and familiar with your area of need, please don't call a stranger. Call someone you know for a referral. Or at least call someone to whom you are referred. Talk to your friends and family and ask them if they know a good injury lawyer. Make sure they were happy with his or her work and then call the lawyer.

Speak with and if at all possible, meet with the potential lawyer in person. Make sure you feel comfortable with the lawyer. If the lawyer doesn't have time to meet with you before you hire him, he won't have time for you after you hire him.

Discuss the attorney's fees with him. Fees are often negotiable and are rarely set by law. Some lawyers will reduce their fees for referred or repeat customers or for multiple plaintiff cases. Talk about how the fees are paid and if there are going to be any costs associated with the case. Ask the lawyer to explain the difference between costs and fees. And don't be afraid to ask the lawyer questions if you don't understand something he says. Remember, the lawyer works for you, not the other way around.

If you or someone you love have been injured in a train accident or any other injury please call a lawyer that knows the law and understands how to handle serious injury cases. Call us:

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