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Winnetka Man Dies in Garage Fire

Winnetka Man Dies in Garage Fire

A 61 year old man died after a fire broke out in the detached garage where he had apparently been living with the permission of the homeowner. The Winnetka man whose name was not released by authorities was previously described as being homeless and was taken in by friends and allowed to live in their garage. Fire officials said the garage did not have smoke detectors or any type of sprinkler system. Such fire detection and prevention systems are not normally required in garages as a garage is not thought of as a place where people live.

The man who died was described as homeless and the firemen who put out the fire in under 17 minutes indicated the conditions in the garage were somewhat sordid. Firemen had trouble getting into the garage and once inside found crowded conditions, a shopping cart, and suspected the occupant was homeless or recently homeless.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation and the authorities have not released the name of the homeowner or the decedent. Sadly, house fire or converted home fires have left 6 people dead in the last year. A fire in a converted barn in Sylmar recently killed a family of four. The owners of the barn indicated there were smoke detectors in the barn before the fire broke out. Personally, I never really thought much of smoke detectors but I do have at least five in my home. I think I may buy one for my garage.

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