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Two Die When VW Jetta Torn in Two on PCH

Two Die When VW Jetta Torn in Two on PCH

Maybe it is just me but as I read news articles these days it is often something very small that catches my attention. Yesterday there was a tragic accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, Orange County, California. A dramatic4 car accident left two people dead and three more injured. One of the cars, a Volkswagen Jetta was described as having been split in half with two dead occupants inside. The car was said to have an infant child seat inside. Thank God the baby was with its grandparents.

Next, another vehicle was occupied by a driving instructor and student. A van flipped on its side and the occupant of a Honda suffered minor injuries. Initial reports suggested one of the cars may have been attempting to pass another car and triggered the catastrophe.

In this story it is the German car that was torn in two pieces. I didn't think this was supposed to happen to passenger cars, unless they are driving on Germany's Autobahn at extremely high rates of speed. Why then, I ask myself would this car get torn in two pieces? I next look to the crash tests to see what they have to say about the Jetta. Never having been much of a fan of the cars, I go in with low expectations. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is the local standard for crash safety so I check it out. I'm not sure the year of the Jetta so I checked out 2010 and here is what I found:

The care was rated "G" or good in all categories. This begs the questions, what went wrong in this accident? Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff's Department Major Accident Investigation Team are currently looking into the cause of this accident. But who is looking into why this car ripped in half? I suppose that is where I come in.

My deepest sympathies to the families of those lost and injured in this accident. To the ten month old who was not in the car, I am truly sorry for your loss but I am glad you were not in that car seat.

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