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Simi Fireworks Show Injures 28 People

Simi Fireworks Show Injures 28 People

A Fourth of July fireworks show in Simi Valley turned into chaos last night after some fireworks fell over and shot off in the direction of hundreds of spectators who were about 800 feet away. 28 people were injured including 20 who were sent to several different area hospitals after suffering burns ranging from minor to serious. Luckily none of the injuries were life threatening.

Simi Valley Police said that the structure which held the fireworks appeared to collapse causing the firework launchers to fall down and ignite while laying on their side. Nobody was sure how many different fireworks went off toward the crowd.

The show was sponsored by the Simi Valley Rotary Club, an international charitable organization. Rotary said they hired Bay Fireworks to perform the show and that this was the second year that Bay put on the show. Bay Fireworks said they were sorry the incident occurred and intended to conduct a full and public investigation into why this happened.

Fireworks and other explosive devices are generally considered to be extremely dangerous under the law. Handling fireworks requires special licenses, training and experience. Legal claims for injury by fireworks or explosives are usually brought under a legal theory called strict liability. This is to say that the handler of the extremely dangerous item is presumed to be at fault for an injury without proof that the defendant actually was careless or negligent.

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