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Coroner Confirms Girl Killed by Rescue Truck

Coroner Confirms Girl Killed by Rescue Truck

Many people dream for years of becoming firefighters or paramedics. They often wait years to get selected for the this type of work. They train for months learn the job. They get the job and want to finally use the training they worked so hard to achieve. They want to make a difference and save lives.

One day the call comes in. A huge passenger plane comes in too low and too slow. It crashes near the runway and begins to catch on fire. You grab your gear, jump on your fire/rescue truck and race to the scene to do what you were trained to do. Adrenaline is flowing like nobody's business. The scene is chaos which words can't describe. You get to the plane and start to try to put out the fire and begin the rescue of people still on board and triage the injured that have made it off.

Seconds count when racing to save lives on a huge plane like the Asiana 777. The rescue finishes with the fire put down, foam finally melting away, all the people off the plane and to safe locations, and there she is: The 16 year old girl that you ran over with your rescue truck while racing to save the lives of hundreds. Dead from multiple blunt traumas as a result of being run over by a truck.

How do we fix such a tragedy? We can't

What do we say to the family of the victim? There is nothing we can say to make this go away.

What can we do to make the family of the victim whole again? Money? That won't bring their daughter back.

Can we try and seek to avoid such a tragedy in the future? If so how?

Why are we just hearing about this now? Didn't rescue workers know they ran the girl over at the time it happened or shortly after that?

I am sorry for the tragedy that occurred in San Francisco. I am deeply sorry for the loss of life regardless of the cause. I hope that everyone who was on the plane and those who participated in the resuce is able to find peace within themselves after such a frightening incident.

This being said, I do have some unanswered questions that I truly hope will get answered very soon. How does this happen? When did "authorities first find out this girl was run over by a truck? Why are we just hearing about it now? What will be done to make it right? And what will be done to see that it never happens again?


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