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4 Deputies Injured in Car Crash

4 Deputies Injured in Car Crash

A hot call proves dangerous for several LA County deputies, just not the danger they were expecting when the call came out. Yesterday a marked black and white sheriff's patrol car got a radio call for assistance from a co-worker regarding an altercation between other deputies and a suspected vehicle thief. The sheriffs tried to race to the scene and ended up with their car wrapped around a telephone pole. A sheriff's spokesman indicated the patrol unit was driving rapidly to the scene of an alleged crime and in response to an assistance call when the car had to swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle that failed to yield to the police car. Failure to yield for an emergency vehicle is a violation of the vehicle code.

All four deputies in the vehicle were taken to the hospital and sadly two who were in the back seat were said to have suffered serious injuries. The two in the front suffered only minor injuries. The deputies they were attempting to back up were not injured and the suspect was arrested for auto theft, a warrant and other charges.

It is unusual for four deputies to be in the same patrol vehicle at the same time. Normally sheriff's deputies in Los Angeles County travel in one man cars. Sometimes they travel in pairs, but it is unusual to hear about 4 officers in one car. We wish you all a speedy recovery and are thankful no harm came to the deputies who called out for assistance.

Always be on the lookout for police and other emergency vehicles on the side of the road and moving rapidly in traffic. Slow down and pull to the right as quickly as practical to avoid injury to yourself or others and help the emergency personnel get where they are going as quickly as possible. Remember, it could be you or someone you love who the emergency crews are racing to help.

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