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Toyota Recall Effects Over One Million Cars

Toyota Recall Effects Over One Million Cars

Toyota Motor Corporation has just recalled over one million additional cars. This recall primarily effects the Corolla and Matrix models from 2003 to 2004. About one third of the recalled cars are Lexus IS model cars from 2006 to 2013. The Corollas have a problem with the electronics which control the airbags. The module is subject to a short circuit which caused the deployment of the front airbags. This is a problem becuase if this happens while one is driving the driver may be impacted by the bag and the driver's view may be obstructed by the airbag itself.

Generally, when a front airbag deploys it is caused by a significant front bumber impact, the result of which is the loss of motion of the vehicle simultaneous with the airbag deployment. Thus the driver would no longer need to worry about seeing out the front windshield when his car is stopped. Along with the airbag deploying the front seat belt pretensioners also deploy. This however, seems to be a good thing as it is best for driver's to be restrained when the airbag deploys. An unrestrained driver would be forced forward into the exploding airbag, possibly causing additional shock or injury from the airbag explosives or the pressure from the airbag release.

The question that I have is why has it taken so long to get the recall to take place? We are talking about cars that are now 10 years old as the cars in question are from the 2003 and 2004 model years. According to the Los Angeles Times, Toyota has already paid record setting federal fines for failing to recall it's cars in a timely manner. Ten years seems like a long time to me.

Toyota also recalled about 270,000 IS model Lexus vehicles. These are the small, sports sedans which brought Toyota Racing to the forefront of racing. The model years in question are from 2006 to 2013. The recall is over an improperly installed windshield wiper arm. The wiper could become bound up from snow or other windshield debris and fail to work.

Toyota says they will notify all vehicle owners by mail and will fix the problems free of charge. If you own a vehicle that fits the above description please contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

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