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One Killed and Three Injured in Glendale Car Crash

One Killed and Three Injured in Glendale Car Crash

One man was killed and three other people were injured as a Glendale man drove his car into a tree near Interstate 5 in Glendale, California. The fatal crash involved only one car which California Highway Patrol officers say hit a car, killing one 25 year old occupant and sending three others to the hospital with major injuries. The accident was at the Colorado Steet offramp which remained closed for several hours pending the investigation.

Single vehicle accidents are often easier to handle than multiple car crashes. When there is more than one car involved in a traffic collision there is often more than one story about how the incident occured. Here, there was only one car involved in the accident and it is likely that the driver was at fault for causing this tragic crash.

The California Highway Patrol investigated this accident and suspects that alcohol or drugs were involved in the collision. So far, the driver has not been charged with a crime, but if he is, there is certainly going to be civil action instigated as a result.

When a drunk driver injures another person, the law says that not only are they on the hook for the medical bills and pain and suffering of the injured party, they may also be liable for damages which are intended to punish the bad actor. Punitive damages are often three times the amount of compensatory damages.

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