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Christmas Street Race Kills 90 Year Old Woman

Christmas Street Race Kills 90 Year Old Woman

A 90 year old woman was killed and her 72 year old son was hospitalized after a street racer crashed into their van which was heading home on Christmas day after leaving the hospital. The woman was described by West Covina Police as having been ejected from her van and flung from her own wheelchair and landed on the sidewalk where she died instantly.

The street racers were both arrested on murder charges and are being held in lieu of one million dollars bail. The two men are likely to be charged with murder and vehicular homicide stemming from allegations that they were racing through a West Covina, California neighborhood.

Monetary damages in a case like this are going to huge. Medical bills alone for the survivor are likely to be great. The driver of a car that is racing and kills another person is likely to suffer punitive damages as well. Punitive damages are intended to punish a wrongdoer for actions that are so outrageous they rise above the level of ordinary or compensatory damages. Also, when wrongdoers violate a specific law and cause injury to others, they are likely to pay huge damages under a theory called negligence per se, where they are presumed to be negligent because they broke a law. Here, by street racing, an inherently dangerous activity the drivers broke many laws and caused great injury to at least two people.

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