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18 Deputies Arrested in Federal Jail Investigation

18 Deputies Arrested in Federal Jail Investigation

By now almost everyone has heard about the 18 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies who have been arrested after a two year federal investigation. About the only people who haven’t heard about the arrests are some of the victim’s of the sheriff’s abuse. The inmates themselves who remain incarcerated in local or state custody may not have heard about the news. These people, cut off from the outside world have nobody to share their stories with and little or no chance at being compensated for their pain and suffering.

To the inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail, their friends and family who visited them and even a representative of the Austrian government who was (allegedly) a victim of sheriff’s abuse, call me and tell me your story. I welcome the opportunity to try to get you monetary compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. I further welcome the opportunity to try and help educate the public about the conditions within the Los Angeles County Jail system.

Sheriff Baca told the press yesterday that 99.9 percent of his deputies “do their jobs well”. I know that running the largest local jail facility in the world is not an easy job. I know that working as a deputy in the jail is not an easy job. But when 18 of your deputies are arrested including a lieutenant, a sergeant and a jail training officer, each with additional deputies in their charge, you must stop and consider that there may be something wrong. Maybe close to 99.9 percent of Baca’s deputies intended to do their jobs well when they started. Maybe some of the deputies were subjected to negative influences on the job. Maybe some of these hard working men and women spent too much time inside a facility that which houses people charged with and convicted of often very serious crimes. Maybe Sheriff Baca is a little distanced from the day to day operations of the very custody facilities which he is paid to run.

I have been an attorney in California for over 17 years. I have seen hundreds of my clients and others who were in and out of Los Angeles County jails. I have met with and talked to clients and other incarcerated individuals as well as interacted with many deputies and jailers during this time. I have gotten tired of hearing how bad the conditions are inside LA County jails. I have heard time and time again about the drug use, the violence, the racial segregation, the filth, the lack of bedding and blankets and medical attention in the jails. But most often when I speak with a client about LA jails, they say the same thing:…”but the worst part is the deputies”. I do not hear that the worst part is the Hispanic gangs who control the jails. I do not hear that the worst part is being housed in a 200 man dorm with murderers and rapists. The worst part is not the food, it’s the staff. I commend the FBI on their efforts in what I trust was a very difficult investigation. I hope that this is merely the beginning of the criminal charges and the public becoming aware of what really goes on inside the Los Angeles County jail system.

If you or someone you care about has been beaten or abused by jail staff in Los Angeles County Jail or any other jail or prison, call us: Together we can begin to unbury the lies and help get you compensation for you injuries, pain and suffering.

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