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Driving With Other Kids in Car Increases Risk of Deadly Crash

Driving With Other Kids in Car Increases Risk of Deadly Crash

A recent study by The Automobile Club shows that teen drivers who drive with young people in the car are more likely to be involved in fatal traffic accidents than those who drive alone or with older passengers. The good news is that young drivers who drive with others in the car are less likely to use the phone or send electronic messages while driving.

In the AAA report teen drivers who travel with one other young person in the car increase their likelihood of a fatal accident over 40 percent. Two additional young peple in the car increases the likelihood by over 100% and three or more teen passengers are in the teen driver's car, the increase in chances of a fatal crash is over 300%.

The report went on to say that when teen drivers have a mature passenger in the car, the odds of such an accident went down dramatically. Does this mean I need to hire a baby sitter to ride in the car with my teenage driver? I hope not because that sounds expensive. However, maybe that could be a new hiring opportunity for retired people. Maybe AAA ( AARP ( can get together and start a safe driving cooperative. The retirees get their errands run and the teenagers can arrive safely and get some driving experience without killing anyone.

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