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Anaheim Police Involved in High Number of Shootings

Anaheim Police Involved in High Number of Shootings

After what appears to be a questionable police shooting in Anaheim, California, two Anaheim City Police Department officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a police shooting investigation. Anaheim City Mayor, Tom Tait is requesting a full investigation of the officer involved shooting, stating that he seeks to find the truth.

This shooting is one of about five shootings by the Anaheim police department in the last year. This number is a bit concerning for onlookers and family members of the recent victim. The number of shootings has triggered protests from the local community. Sunday, a group of protesters entered the City's Police Department with signs and banners seeking justice for the victim of the most recent police shooting.

Police involved shootings seem to be getting more frequent at a time when officers themselves are better trained and better equipped then ever before. Most California law enforcement officers are now equipped Taser guns that offer a non-lethal option in taking down a dangerous suspect.

Police officers are only authorized to use deadly force when confronted with deadly force as is necessary to protect human life, either the officer's or another. In the recent Manuel Diaz shooting, officers where said to have been on patrol when they saw a man in an alley they believed to be suspicious. Police officers chased the man who fled to a nearby rooftop and allegedly threw unknown objects down from the roof. Officers shot and killed Diaz after giving chase. No weapons were said to have been recovered in the area of the shooting.

After the shooting police officers remained in the area for several hours to investigate. A crowd gathered around the area and was described as throwing rocks and bottles at officers. The crowd was subdued by officers who used non-lethal bullets and pepper spray instead of deadly force.

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