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Federal Investigation Into Defective Ford Floormats Forges Ahead

Federal Investigation Into Defective Ford Floormats Forges Ahead

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had heightened its investigation into the floormats of 2010 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln floor mats which are suspected of trapping the gas pedal and causing traffic accidents. The issue has come up in 52 complaints to the Federal Agency. Ford says they will cooperate with an NHTSA investigation which may also look into Fords from 2008 through 2009.

Ford Motor Company commented in the news that they are disappointed in the investigation which they believe wrongly focuses on the car company when they feel the problem is from after market floor mats and/or unsecured mats or even mats which have been stacked on top of other mats.

I grew up in the age of rubber floor mats. In my parents cars my dad used to place a thick piece of unsecured carpet on top of the rubber matter so he did not scuff up his shoes in the the car. I suspected this was a bad idea then and I know it is a bad idea now.

There is a reason that floor mats are secured to the floor of your car. The reason is too keep them in one place and away from the gas and brake pedals. Please make sure your floor mats are securely fastened in your car. If you have a question about your floor mats or are concerned about your Ford vehicle's mats, go see your dealer and make sure they are safely installed.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident and you think the floor mats caused the problem call me for a free consultation about your case.

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