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Cal State Police Shoot and Kill Student in San Bernardino

Cal State Police Shoot and Kill Student in San Bernardino

A California State San Bernardino Student was shot and killed earlier today by a State police officer. According to KABC news, officers from the California State University Police Department went to a report of a disturbance at a campus dormatory.

Upon contacting a male student in a university dorm, officers said a fight broke out during which multiple officers fired multiple weapons killing the student. Police department officials say the officers feared for their safety.

One police officer was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries.

The City of San Bernardino Poice Department is said to be conducting an investigation of the shooting which was done by officers of the State University Police Department and not the City Police Department.

Having worked for a small State police agency in the past I understand that University Police officers are not often paced with the volume and types of problems seen by officers in large cities. And, given the equipment and training with which today's police officers are equipped, it seems surprising to hear that multiple police officers feared death or great bodily injury at the hands of one college student.

I hope the investigation into this shooting is quick and provides both answers to this problem and a means to avoid such tragedy in the future.

I was not at this scene of this shooting, nor have I begun to investigate it, however, any shooting in a crowded residential dormatory is potentially very dangerous to human life and should be undertaken only with great care. I have serious questions about how a multiple officer shooting went down in a college dormitory. Based upon my years of firearms training and experience, a crowded dormitory is a very dangerous place to shoot. There are innocent students everywhere one turns. This shooting was in a hallway within a dorm. Shooting in a narrow hallway ads even more potential for injury to innocent people. How was the officer injured in this case? I could go on...

Police abuse cases can be very difficult and should not be undertaken by just any lawyer. First, making a claim against the State of California can be very expensive and time consuming. Next, police agencies often try to cover for their fellow police officers, making investigation in this type of case very difficult. Finally, litigation can be expensive and may require many hours of investigation and the hiring of expert witnesses at our own expense. For these reasons and many others, please contact an experienced attorney to handle such a serious claim.

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