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83 Year Old Man Killed by Car While Crossing Glendale Street

83 Year Old Man Killed by Car While Crossing Glendale Street

An 83 year old Glendale man was struck by a car and killed whilecrossing a street in Glendale, California. Authorities say the man was walking across the street at a corner when a car stopped and hit him. The driver of the minivan who hit the man was said to have failed to stop at the intersection before running over the man.

Pedestians always have the right of way over cars driving in California. When a pedestrian is crossing at a street corner, a driver needs to yield for the pedestrian whether or not there is a marked cross walk on the street.

Even if a driver is traveling at or below the posted speed limit, a driver must yield to a pedestrian in the roadway or crossing the roadway. Pedestrians should try to cross at or as near to an intersection as possible. Also, pedestrians should only cross at an intersection when they are between two controlled intersections.

In any event, the only time a driver is not likely to be liable for striking a pedestrian in the roadway is if the pedestrian ran out into traffic in such a way that a reasonable and prudent driver could not avoid hitting the pedestrian.

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