Former Laker in Car Accident on 105 Freeway

Former Laker's star Robert Horry was in a car accident this week which left a motorcyclist hospitalized with moderate injuries. Horry was not injured as he attempted to enter the carpool (hov) lane when he struck motorcyclist Xerxes Baldonasa who was riding within the two sets of double yellow lines which make up the lane.

The collision occurred on the 105 Freeway near Inglewood, California. It is unknown if either driver was cited, however it appears that Horry was at fault for this accident. It is unlawful to make a lane change unless it is safe to do so. Further, it is unlawful to cross double yellow lines in order to make any lane change. Personal injury lawyers refer to this violation of the law as negligence per se. Negligence alone is actionable. However, when a wrongdoer is negligent, meaning they have a duty to act in a reasonable manner, and their negligence actually breaks a law, the injured party often has a much better cause of action or claim for recovery.

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