Toyota To Pay Out 3 Million In Sudden Acceleration Claim

Toyota Motor Corporation lost its first sudden acceleration lawsuit after having recalled some 10 million vehicles for this problem. The plaintiffs, the families of two women who died in a tragic Oklahoma accident said the decedent's 2005 Camry was not part of the recall. After the jury came back with a special damages award for about 3 million dollars and before the same jury made a decision on punitive damages, the automotive giant opted to settle with plaintiffs for 3 million dollars rather than risking a damaging punitive award and instead of seeking to tie the verdict up in appeals court for years to come.

Toyota is also dealing with the fallout of a billion dollar federal class action settlement stemming for a diminution in value claim filed on behalf of vehicle owners.

Toyota must still defend against several remaining claimants throughout the country who remain from the huge class action lawsuit based in Orange County, California. Some 200 claimants still remain in the massive lawsuit.

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