AV Father Killed in Car Crash, 9 Year Old Daughter Hikes to Safety

A 35 year old father was killed after his Ford Escape plunged off a steep hill in the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, California. The man was supected of having been drinking and did not survive to comment. His nine year old daughter who was in the SUV with him managed to get out of the car and hike up the ravine to safety. She flagged down a passing vehicle and was able to get emergency personnel to the scene, but not before her father expired from his injuries.

The girl was treated at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and listed as having minor injuries. The driver of the car was not named pending notification of any additional family members.

My sypathies go out to the young girl who went through this tragedy and to any additional family that I hope she has in order to help her get through this terrible time in her life.

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