LAPD Opens Fire at Two Women in Toyota Truck

Los Angeles Police officers shot at two women in a Toyota pickup truck that they thought might be Christopher Jordan Dorner. But it is all ok because Chief Beck apologized and is buying them a new truck, right? Not so fast.

How does a group of highly trained officers unload dozens of gunshots at two women when they are looking for a huge African American man? Did I mention the women were unarmed and no threat to any of the officers? Did I mention the shooting didn't happen in the same county where Dorner's vehicle was found? Did I mention the spotty description that police had about the vehicle?

But it's all ok because one of the victim who was actually shot, multiple times, is expected to make a full recovery and the other victim was not actually shot, just sprayed with glass and scared nearly to death.

Stories like this make me glad that I went to law school, that I support the Second ammendment and that I spend every day fighting for the rights of people in need advocacy. I Fight for the little guy who gets trampled on or, in this case, shot at by the big guys. I make sure that police officers don't ever get away with lying or using excessive force against my clients, and I like what I do.

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