Drunk Driver Kills Two Workers on 405 Freeway

Early Monday morning a suspected drunk driver lost control and killed to men who were doing construction on the 405 Freeway in Torrance, California. A third worker was injured and taken to the hospital. The driver was a 23 year old man who was later arrested for DUI. For information about criminal law and DUI please visit my criminal defense site at: www.4criminaldefense.com .

When someone dies at the hands of a drunk driver, his heirs or others close to him may have the right to collect money for pain and suffering as well as a lack of support. Further, the loved one's may be able to collect expenses as the victim of a crime. In California the is a fund established for victims of crimes. It may help pay for costs of funerals or for counseling services or other expenses that are directly related to or caused by the criminal actions.

For victims of drunk drivers, the law is especially favorable. When a person brakes the law and in doing so causes injury to another, that gives rise to a special kind of damages. These damages are called punitive damages and are specifically intended to punish the wrongdoer. In injury cases where punitive damages are available, the settlements are often easier to obtain and larger than in cases where there are no criminal acts committed.

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