Choosing the Best Injury Lawyer

Everyone knows how to find the best injury lawyer in the business…just call that guy that advertises on daytime television, right? What's his name? Ronald McDonald? No, that's the hamburger guy. So who is the lawyer you should call? Is it the Ronald McDonald of the law business? Maybe not…maybe you should call a lawyer who you can actually talk to, instead of someone who sold his name to the highest bidder. Maybe you should call a lawyer who actually practices law in my community and is in touch with what is going on in court in this decade. Maybe you should call The Valley Attorney Group and talk to a lawyer who is in court every day fighting for his clients.

Maybe you should go online at or and find a lawyer whose team of hard chargers has earned millions in settlements and verdicts for their clients. Maybe you should call Jeffrey Vallens and talk with him personally. Maybe you should even schedule a free, no obligation consultation with a lawyer who will treat you like you deserve to be treated and do a great job on your case.

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