National Transportation Safety Board Makes Unanimous Recommendation to Ban Cell Phone Use By Drivers

After a major fatal traffic collision which occurred last year in Missouri, the National Transportation Safety Board made a unanimous recommendation to ban all cell phone use by drivers in motor vehicles. The suggestion by the five member federal board states that both use of all cell phones and other portable electronic devices should be banned except in the case of emergencies.

The recommendation came after a multi-vehicle collision which occurred on a Missouri highway last year. The accident killed two people and injured 38 others as a pickup truck collided into the rear end of a tractor trailor. The pickup was then struck in the rear by a school bus that was then rear-ended by another school bus.

In the past the NTSB has recommended total bans on cell phones by any commercial drivers, but has never recommended a total ban on adult drivers. They did however, suggest banning the use of phones for new drivers.

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